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Fully proofed and based on £100 per point staked.

We are a group of Racing Enthusiasts with over 20 Years experience in the Racing Industry. Our main tipster has worked for over 10 years in the betting industry and has been obtaining annual profits from his betting for the last six years. At the start of 2005 he decided to become a full time, professional gambler and now concentrates all of his working hours on form study and betting market study.

So why are we prepared to share our tips with you?

We hope to make additional income from providing the public with the information that will enable them to make annual profits from their betting investments.

If you are looking to win money every day from then you are kidding yourself – you will not win every day even with our tips. But we are very confident, based on our previous results, that you will make a regular profit, if you follow our selections and staking plan.

Please only gamble if you have sufficient funds to do so, Tic Tac Tips accepts no responsibility for any losses you may incur when following our selections. Remember, always gamble responsibly.

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