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Fully proofed and based on £100 per point staked.

Click the month to show all bets for the month, including full profit/loss analysis.

  Month Profit for Month
January 2018648.71
February 2018-330.00
March 2018-785.00
April 2018-1,355.00
May 2018-770.00
June 2018-2,187.50
July 2018825.00
August 20181,857.50
September 2018-1,015.00
October 2018-1,770.00
November 20184,597.08
December 2018-170.00

Running Total Profit/Loss30,831.99
Total Points Profit/Loss308.3199
Profit Margin6.35%
Hit Ratio16.71%

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