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Fully proofed and based on £100 per point staked.


No responsibility can be taken for any loss, financial or otherwise from following any advice given either on this website, within any e-mails, SMS messages, on the daily telephone raceline, or any other communication from TicTac Tips Ltd.

All Information given by TicTac Tips Ltd, whether by e-mail, SMS, Raceline or any other communication to the client is to be kept strictly confidential and to be used by the paying client only. TicTac Tips Ltd reserve the right to terminate any membership without refund if found to be in breach of this rule.

Past Results are in no way a guarantee of future success, all advice given by TicTac Tips Ltd is to be completely used at the clients own discretion.

Paid Subscriptions are strictly non-refundable, subscriptions are recurring. Cancellation of membership subscription is the responsibility of the client.

TicTac Tips Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any loss of service by telephone operators, internet service providers, any hardware/software faults either of the client or TicTac Tips Ltd.

Daily Information will be endeavored to be supplied by 12:00 midday every day.

If no value is to be found then some days no selections will be submitted by TicTac Tips Ltd.

Membership fees are subject to periodic review.

Please gamble responsibly.

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